Literal Translation

Literal Translation


Never had the.

My ungoing blistered in the burn of yet.

What-some had often this close

and the closer was the more other than,

the more not really the, the more not quite.


Each time expected having just

that if, then the. But.


Yes, some, like.

Yes, at times, a while, a certain or.


Still, how season, and inasmuch again,

less mean, less waterfall, less.

Bees, without.


Also might a variation of

another not-have.

Unrepairedness, unrepairingness,




Not whether, not whether, but how.

Who does, if at all,

if any ever.

Is it truly thus?

Thus really so like?

Is this it?

Should then no more for?


But why then still out to,

up to.


Where, when? If.


Published in Domestic Cherry 1, 2011

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