Poetry is in its own essence a powerful means to explore and engage with the world and with life, and not only capable of stirring up the parts of our selves that are often left in the shadow, but also of sparking up our unused brain-cells so we can think out of the box.

My professional background also includes teaching and lecturing in primary, secondary and Further Education in three countries, conducting teacher training, tutoring, and inset courses.



The Poetry of Empathy – Tuning into others

Poetry can be both a means of understanding and a way to give voice to ‘the other’. This workshop aims to show how reading and writing poetry can enable us to stand in someone else’s shoes, wear their skin and live the lives that were not our own.

Based on the personal experience in writing Cry Wolf, which received a Straid Award in 2012, this workshop travels to poetry and reading groups, Festivals, secondary schools, colleges and universities, and very much wherever it is called to go, even at the one-to-one level, whether for a writing or just a reading experience.

Ride the News

Grim reports and ugly events, the outrageous, the startling, the trite and the odd feed our screens, pages and air-waves day in day out. We’d rather look away and switch off sometimes, to spare ourselves the grief. But one can also take the stories by the horns by way of words, and do something with them more meaningful than bury our heads or walk off.

At this workshop we read poems that ride the wild news beyond the bell, and buckle up to write them if so daring.

For readers or writers, as one-to-one tuition or in group settings.


Cristina Navazo-Eguía Newton