Poems on the run


This is the way
to shed thick skin
and be the sounder for it,
in the riffs and strums of this wind
that plays you deep and knowingly.

This is the time
to breathe whole self
from breath that breathes us,
drossed out and tuned from within
by the wind’s rimless speechless wisdom.



Did Drive

For Carrie Etter

Did roundabouts.
Did dual carriageways.
Did lanes and inside lanes.
Did side mirror and left hand.
Did rear mirror and bear right.
Did keep distance.
Did look ahead.
Did think twice, check.
Did rear mirror, safe.
Did indicator, no go and back to lane.
Did within speed.
Did foot, hand, eyes, mind, ears, sense.
Did others on their way.
Did others overtake.
Did keep an eye, keep an ear, stay.
Did signs, signals, posts.
Did warnings, level crossings.
Did shoulders, barriers, bays.
Did large goods, aware of gusts.
Did motorcycles a wide berth.
Did dip lights to oncoming lines.
Did slow down, drop back.
Did see clear, pull out.
Did cancel right-turn light.
Did lights ahead.

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