Ivanhoe Prospections

To the people of Monywa, Burma

He held her                by her left       hand the hand
he did not                         need                   to strike
and kept                an eye            over her shoulder
on the open pit         the hunch    of copper streaks
in the abused         side                           of the hills
she’d known        the way                of the river well
when the water         did not run              bright blue
before it was dragged away for these prospections
she’ll be             fine if she               but remembers
on the furtherance     of great things    there is a tab
she’ll be             safe she just                     needs to
let the other hand        heal in the cast    of this new
enormity                 keep her                    eyes down
her back           loaded her feet                      moving
away from                  the smoking                 shacks



From Cry Wolf

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